Love Songs and Sweet Memories

When I was 12 years old my mother wouldn’t let me to go to the junior high dances. She insisted that I wait until I was 13. Trust me, the months dragged on that year in seventh grade until my…

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Moms, Music and Hospice

Were you fortunate enough to have a wonderful mother? I was. My mom and I were best friends. We had voices that matched perfectly and she taught me to sing. She and my dad loved to dance. Sadly, she passed…

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Are the old songs too old?

I recently heard from Kim in Nova Scotia, who wrote:  

“I find with times changing and our residents coming to us from a different generation, the songs like “Working on the Railroad” and “Bicycle Built for Two” are

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Are you living in the moment?

Has anyone ever told you to “live in the moment?” Or “Be present.” 

Living in the moment takes on a whole new meaning for someone who is living with dementia. 

Here’s how Jolene Brackey describes it in her…

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Love Songs and Tears

Happy Valentines Day! 
It’s the week for love songs! Often these songs are highly emotional and linked to some of our deepest memories. For that reason, I encourage you to be ready to listen. You will no doubt hear…

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