What's on your playlist?

I just returned from a 4 day reunion with 7 of my high school girlfriends. We grew up in Dubuque, Iowa but we met in Colorado in the mountains, where we laughed so long and so hard we could barely…

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5 Family Friendly Summertime Jokes- Just Because!

Are you gathering with family and friends over the holiday weekend? Want to be the life of the party? Here are five family friendly, summertime jokes sure to bring on a groan. Because sometimes you just want to laugh! 

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5 Favorite Songs for the 4th!

Are you looking for an activity that will bring everyone together, lift spirits, honor your elders and instill a patriotic spirit for your children? Look no further. Nothing brings people together better than a rousing patriotic song. July 4th…

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Fathers Can Change - A Tribute to My Dad

My dad was not the guy who played with you in the back yard. His playground was the golf course, a game I never really “took to”. My mom, who passed away 26 years ago, was my best friend and…

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A Singing Phone Call

Have you ever called a family member or a friend on their birthday to sing Happy Birthday to them? In my family this is a common occurrence. When family or friends are far away this simple act lets them know…

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No Heat But a Great Connection!

I woke up from an early evening nap this week (don’t judge me) to discover that my house had grown decidedly chilly. 
Poking all the buttons on my shiny new thermostat did not create the desired result. I strained my…

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Hey! Get a Move On Why Don't Ya?!

Do you find yourself tapping your toes or snapping your fingers to lively music? Do you like to dance? Have you ever tried Zumba or Jazzercise? 

Young or old, we all tend to respond almost automatically to music. And…

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Are Headphones and IPods Enough?

When I saw the film “Alive inside” for the first time last year I got all excited. The film tells about the Music and Memory project which supplies headphones and IPods loaded with personalized music selections for residents in nursing…Read more

It's true! You can even ask me!

I have a friend who often says, "It's true! You can even ask me."

I answer, "Is it true?"

And her reply is always, "Yes! Thanks for asking."

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