Did it work?...Part 5 of Plan Like a Pro

How’s it going? 

Did you plan like a pro? 

This week is the final installment in my series Plan Like a Pro. If you missed the first 4 parts you can find them all here on my blog page

To wrap up this series I have one final question. 

How will you know if your music plan was successful? 

Start by reviewing your goal(s). Be aware that there are a range of positive responses – some easy to see and others very subtle. Any one of them could indicate that you have fostered connection, inspired a memory, sparked joy, relieved boredom, assisted with daily activities. Be a good observer and please don’t be too hard on yourself. If things didn’t go exactly as planned, give yourself a pat on the back for trying and keep the music going! 

Here are some signs of success you might see. 

  • People are singing along. Perhaps someone lifts their head up ever so slightly, meeting your gaze. Showing their recognition, you may see someone mouth a few words to a familiar song. 
  • People are smiling and nodding their heads. You might witness a few tears, giving you an opportunity to comfort as an emotion is expressed. 
  • People might start to dance – in their chairs or on their feet. Or maybe only their toes are tapping. 
  • Enthusiastic hand clapping and knee patting begins. Or it may be as subtle as one or two fingers tapping to the beat. 
  • Stories will be told, helping you to learn which songs are favorites or hold special memories. 
  • If you do music sessions at consistent times, you may begin to find family members showing up at the appointed hour and joining in. 
  • You may see other staff stopping by to sing a verse or two. 
  • You may see family members and/or staff show surprise and new appreciation and yes, even hope, when people who seem “far away” begin to participate, know the words and join in. 
  • You may find managers and development directors begin to plan tours for new families when they know you will be leading a music session. 
  • You may find that your activity budget is increased so you have access to more resources! 
  • And last but not least…people may simply tell you how happy the music makes them. You may hear remarks like this: “Oh, I haven’t heard that song in forever!” Or “I can’t believe I remembered all the words to that song!” 

And now I ask you. 

What are you seeing? How do you know you’ve met your goal for using music? 

Have you run into a snag and need some specific advice? 

Do you have a success story to share? 

Share your thoughts and experiences with me. (MarySue@SingingHeartToHeart.com)

We can all learn from each other and we can all plan like a pro!