Love Songs and Tears

Happy Valentines Day! 
It’s the week for love songs! Often these songs are highly emotional and linked to some of our deepest memories. For that reason, I encourage you to be ready to listen. You will no doubt hear some lovely stories that will bring you into a closer relationship with the people you care for. 
What about tears? 
Tears may come. There may be songs that make people feel sad. Music creates opportunities for people to express grief and for you to offer comfort. Don’t be afraid of this. Allow people to express sorrow and acknowledge their feelings. Here are some ways you might respond. 
“That song brought back a beautiful memory didn’t it?”  Or “You have such wonderful memories don’t you?”  
These are good responses for anyone, but especially for people who are no longer verbal. You’re not asking them to answer questions. You are simply acknowledging their feelings. Remember that tears may be a way for a non-verbal person to release and express emotions. 
“Did that song remind you of someone special? Tell me about them.”  
This response is better for people who are able to verbalize and share stories with you. You may be surprised that a detailed memory “shakes loose.” 
Love songs and tears. This will be a week to listen with both your ears and your heart. 

P.S. Are you looking for a sweet music activity to celebrate the holiday? In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago I made a Love Songs playlist on myYouTube channel. It’s organized to provide a balance of upbeat and more romantic songs and many of them have the lyrics so you can easily sing along. There are more resources including lyric sheets HERE on my website. Enjoy!