Let's have a conversation 

I wish I could sit down with each of you individually and talk about the power of music in caregiving. I would make you a cup of tea and we could share experiences and learn from each other. Obviously that is just not possible.  


This week’s blog post may contain the next best thing. It’s a link to a podcast interview I did recently with Lenore Tracey from Eldercare Illuminated.  

It’s a personal conversation, not a lecture.  

I think we all learn best when we can hear someone’s real life story. And that’s what I love about this interview.  

Lenore shares stories about caring for her mother. She intuitively used music to ease transitions and to provide joy and comfort. 

I share personal stories from my own experiences, as well as tips and strategies for both senior communities and family members.  

I’d love for you to listen in – with or without a cup of tea. 

And if you’d like to “join the conversation”, please do! Send me your thoughts, tell me your story.